Showing Custom Pager (of counts) in CodeIgniter – Showing X to Y of Z results

Pagination in CodeIgniter is not at all perfect. Nothing is, as a matter of fact.

So one day, I had to implement this “Showing X to Y of Z results” in my SCRUD and I could not find anything on the CI website about it. A helpful Stackoverflow post was what came to the rescue. But as they say,

There is always room for improvisation.

So I made some new changes and implemented it my way. So, here goes,

  1. I made a helper file and called it in my autoload.php
  2. In the helper file, I made a function by the name displaypaginationtext
  3. Next, the code,

Call this in your controller and print it in your view and you are done.

That’s it for now!!


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