Check and enable mod_rewrite if htaccess not working

So, I faced this issue, ny htaccess was not working and my API was pathetically useless because of this.
So I decided to check this with my server.

Create a PHP file on the Apache server. Write the below code inside it.


Now call the file in your browser (This means, put the file URL in the browser and press ENTER).
Once done, you will see info about your php. Press Ctrl+F and search for “mod_rewrite”.
If present, then please do not read any further as your issue is then different from mine.
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Installing Latest Eclipse in Ubuntu

We all know that Ubuntu has its own app store.
However, it was not upto the expectations when I wanted to install Eclipse into it.

The app store had the basic package which did not meet my needs and someone had commented that the eclipse had not been updated since a long time on that store.

So, I went on to Google and found some 2 or 3 beautiful ways to install Eclipse into Ubuntu. I had to make some changes in their methods so as to refine the method. But mostly, its pretty cool stuff.

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